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EVP Energy Addon

EVP Energy Addon

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Vitamin B-12 250mcg

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Based on 2 reviews
Great energy!

I received the Easy Vitamin pack about 2 weeks ago and I noticed the first couple of days, my energy was better and I could do more and my mood was better than ever!!

Mary Ann Hall
Thanks but no thanks

I am on a different supplement plan for my osteoarthritis and post polio syndrome. I was told it was not a good idea to take both the osteo and yours. My decision had nothing to do with your products. Iā€™m simply trying to get a bit of healing into my body and a lot of the pain out of my body.
Thank you. Mary Ann Hall

Each daily pack contains:


The active coenzyme form of Vitamin B-12.

Loved By Our Customers

"Finally vitamins that really support my lifestyle. I can actually feel the difference!"


"I get everything I need in one easy, simple packet. No guessing, no wasted time or money."


"These packs have the most important ingredients at the right potency."


"I never knew what vitamins to take. But now it's really easy!"


"Finally, my energy is up, I feel good, what a difference! And, the daily packets make it so easy."