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Quality Commitment

Time to get serious!

For many companies, quality assurance of supplements is confusing and difficult to achieve. However, our experience in the industry enables us to navigate the complexity of the ingredients, manufacturing processes and finished product testing much more effectively than so many new companies that have dived into the industry as it has grown. It comes down to a few basic aspects:

Quality Assurance

All Easy Vitamin Plan supplements are manufactured in the United States in a GMP facility that is NSF™ and UL™ certified and FDA inspected. Our facility also produces items that are Non-GMO, Organic, Hallal and Kosher certified.

A simple summary of our quality processes are as follows:

  • All raw materials and ingredients are tested before being utilized in production.
  • There are dozens of “in process” quality assurance SOP’s to ensure processing at the highest standards.
  • Finished product testing is conducted by independent third-party labs to ensure label claims are accurate.

What does all this mean to you? We are proud to offer you the same natural and clean products we share with our family and friends and work tirelessly at continuous improvement.

State Of The Art Facility

We directly created the design, construction and implementation of quality processes during the facility build out. We guarantee the purity and quality of our products from a 125,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the U.S.  It is equipped with Class 10,000 clean rooms, and exceeds regulatory and industry standards for air quality and moisture control. This serves to maximize product stability and the integrity of your products.


The facilities’ certifications offer independent confirmation of the quality that is maintained in manufacturing your products. You can rest assured that your products meet not only current FDA regulations, but also the strict guidelines of the industry-specific organizations.

Facility Certifications

Ingredient Selection and Testing

Ingredient Selection

We are truly experts in dealing with the complexity of ingredient selection and utilize our Scientific Advisory Board for their insight and expertise. We often select patented and trademarked ingredients to ensure the highest quality and consistently test the ingredients before they go into production.

In-Process Quality Assurance

Having directly developed the quality systems for our manufacturing site, we are intimate with the requirements to not only meet but also exceed FDA requirements. There are over a hundred SOPs that create the framework for the checks and balances critical to ensure a quality product is made consistently.

Final Product Testing

To ensure the products meet the specifications, they are tested by third party independent labs that specialize in different ingredients testing methods. Due to our experience in the industry, we know which labs are reputable and have expertise. Bottom line is, your products are independently tested which is one of the best assurances you can have for your supplements.

Industry Associations & Leaderships

We are also currently directly involved in numerous trade associations that initiate regulatory practices in the supplement industry. We are three generations deep on being passionate about health, wellness and the positive impact we can have on human health.

Having been specialists in natural products for decades, as well as enthusiastic advocates, we have taken a leadership role in helping to set and uphold high standards of quality, efficacy and transparency industry-wide.


Equally important to our quality commitment is our belief in transparency in sourcing. We use the most trusted ingredients in the world, and proudly disclose our partnerships with top-shelf suppliers who share our high standards.