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What Supplements Should I Take?

I grew up in my parents' health food store and later went on to create one of the premier dietary supplement manufacturing companies in the world.  Throughout my life, whenever I told somebody that I worked in the dietary supplement industry, they would almost always ask the same question;

“What supplements should I take?”

Other common questions or statements were;

“When should I take them?”

“I have purchased many supplements…I just forget to take them”  

The three most common complaints or pain points from hundreds of these discussions are; (1) Most people are just so overwhelmed with the number of choices when it came to selecting vitamins or supplements. (2)  There is so much conflicting information regarding vitamins and supplements. (3) Most importantly, most of the people I meet understandably have limited knowledge on this subject and don’t have the time to do the research necessary to figure out what they need most.

Personalized Vitamin Packs Made Easy

All of this made it clear to me that dietary supplements are one of the most confusing product or consumer categories.  Many people want to take supplements, but they don't know what to take. This is exactly why we developed the Easy Vitamin Plan.  But we knew that in order for Easy Vitamin Plan to really help people, it had to solve the three primary problems or pain points that most people have with vitamins;

  • It had to provide a foundational personalized and customized packet that would prevent most nutritional deficiencies.

  • It had to be more than just a basic multivitamin but, at the same time, couldn't be so many supplements that it became confusing or overwhelming for people to take and maintain.

  • It had to be delivered in a very convenient, customized packet so that people could remember to take them regularly and also take them conveniently and easily while “on-the-go”.

Easy Vitamin Plan Is Like Having a Personal Vitamin Advisor

I feel passionately that a foundational supplement program is one of the most important things that a person can do for their health.  It’s just as important as 20 or 30 minutes of exercise, five or six days a week. The combination of both a supplement plan together with exercise has the potential to make an enormous impact on human health by increasing longevity, quality of life and energy while reducing fatigue, the threat of heart disease, and other common ailments that so many of us face.  So, to my friends and family to whom we have promised a solution that makes taking vitamins very easy… we finally have it.  It's right here in this very simple, small box!  A 30-day supply of personalized and customized vitamin packs matched to your nutrition needs that you can take every day at home or with you, on-the-go, anywhere and anytime. At the very least, we hope that YOU really enjoy it and more importantly, we hope that millions of others join you in being able to have something that's so important and so easy.