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Long Term Vaccine Side Effects - What to Watch Out For

Most of us know someone who is hesitant about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Health experts warn that if we want to put this pandemic in the rearview mirror, we need to address the concerns and fears many in our nation have about long-term effects from the vaccine.

Health Experts Believe Concerns with Long Term Effects Can Be Put Aside

There is a line of thinking, and it’s not uncommon, that says a person could experience side effects later down the road after receiving a vaccine. This has caused many to shy away from standing in line to get their COVID shot. However, experts agree that any side effect will occur in a relatively short period of time after receiving the vaccine, usually within the first eight weeks. With the intense focus on clinical trials and nearly 170 million people with at least one vaccine administered, the safety of COVID-19 vaccines and concerns about long-term effects can largely be put aside.

Vaccines Long History In This Country

Vaccines have been used in this country for more than a hundred years. Smallpox vaccines started back in the 1800s. Polio was eradicated by vaccine. If you enlist in our military, you can expect to receive a long list vaccines, especially if you’re deployed to a foreign country.

With decades and decades of research on vaccines under our belt, what we can conclude is that for the most part, vaccines are safe and effective. The speed and success of this vaccine can be considered a miracle, however it’s crucial to stay cautious and scrutinize every new vaccine, weighing the benefits versus the risks. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there have been some serious side effects reported following COVID-19 vaccination, but as expected, they have fallen into that two-month post-vaccination period. For example, severe allergic reactions happen within 30 minutes of vaccination, which is why people with certain histories of allergies are supposed to be monitored immediately after receiving the COVID-19 shot.

What if There’s No Vaccine?

While we look for vaccines to protect us, it’s really our immune system that is our best defense.

Our immune system is quite amazing, which also makes it quite complex. If history tells us anything, the next pandemic could be right around the corner, ugh! Having a strong immune system when a vaccine isn’t available could be critical to your survival. How can you support your immune system? Health experts recommend these healthy lifestyle choices: 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep, regular exercise, limited stress, eating a balanced diet, limiting alcohol consumption, and no smoking. Many recommend introducing a few nutritional supplements as well.  Vitamin supplements proven to support immune function include a balanced multivitamin, additional vitamin C, Vitamin D3, (where recent data, featured in our blog titled: The Link between Low Levels of Vitamin D and Higher Risk of Covid and Other Diseases, supports its benefits towards our immune system), Probiotics and Omega 3 oils.

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