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Bolster Your Immune System

While riding through a possible next wave of COVID-19 and preparing for the upcoming cold and flu season, you’ll want to consider bolstering your immune system.Your immune system consists of cells, tissues and organs that protect you from pathogens, help fight disease and fend off serious illness. Before we get into supplement compounds that have been found to be successful at supporting healthy immune function, we first need to discuss some fundamentals. 

 It Takes More Than Food to Support the Immune System

The importance of following a healthy diet rich in foods that contain immune-supporting nutrients is well documented. It's also just as important to get good sleep. Clinical studies have proven that sleep is your most effective way to avoid getting sick. Research strongly suggests that sleep strengthens your immune system's ability to remember invading pathogens like viruses and properly defend against them. Poor sleep is not the only detriment to immune defense. Stress, being out of shape, being overweight, undernourishment, and nutritional deficiencies can all impair immune system responses. That's why supplements are often needed to fill nutritional gaps in your diet that could lead to nutrient deficiencies.

Essential Nutrients for The Immune System

Many Essential Nutrients Build the Foundation for Immune Health, such as:

  • Multivitamin – An easy way to ensure you’re getting the essential nutrients for all around good health is to start with a multivitamin; Ideally your daily multivitamin should contain doses of vitamin D, C, E and certain B vitamins that all help support balanced health throughout the year.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids – The National Institute of Health recommends Omega-3s due to their ability to provide calories that give your body energy as well as support many functions in your heart, blood vessels, lungs and immune system.
  • Vitamin D - Research shows that vitamin D plays an important role in immune function, and a deficiency is shown to increase your susceptibility to infection. Studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency is even associated with greater risk of upper respiratory tract infections
  • Probiotics – Supplements work best when you can fully absorb the nutrients. An unhealthy gut does not allow this to occur. More importantly, the gut is said to house up to 80% of your immune cells, and the delicate balance of the microbiome is important to keep the immune system strong and operating efficiently. Probiotics can be an effective means of giving your gut and immune system the flora it needs to build and maintain health.

 The Dynamic Trio for Your Immune Systems

Sometimes you need a quick boost to kick your immune system in gear.  The three nutrients below, often considered the Dynamic Trio to boost the immune system, are:

  • Elderberry Extract is an organic full-spectrum extract of both Elder fruit and flowers for optimal immune function. The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins to support your immune system. Even Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was a fan, calling the elder tree "nature's medicine chest." Pelargonium Sidoides root is included for additional respiratory support.
  • Vitamin C - This essential antioxidant can only be obtained through diet or supplementation. It is understood that vitamin C's antioxidant properties may strengthen the body's natural defenses. Additionally, vitamin C may support a range of functions including stress response, adrenal function, and the body's immune health. This single tablet provides a buffered form of vitamin C, which is non-acidic and gentler on the teeth and stomach.
  • Zinc - According to the National Institutes of Health, “Severe zinc deficiency depresses immune function, and even mild to moderate degrees of zinc deficiency can impair macrophage and neutrophil functions, natural killer cell activity, and complement activity.” Zinc is an essential component of pathogen-elimination. It helps control inflammation and prevent elevated inflammatory responses. This mineral is intricate during immune response by helping the body return to homeostasis (the internal balance of our system). This is why zinc is a popular, natural over-the-counter remedy for fighting common colds.

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