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Your EVP Essential Monthly Subscription (F17B)

Your EVP Essential Monthly Subscription (F17B)

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Vitamins for Women that can do a lot for them


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
manahil Kiran

Thank you so much for this opportunity ❤ i greatly appreciate more energy i feel

Christina Teasdale
Love love love

Let me just say that I will be placing a order when I am done. I love the packaging everything is easy to use an cute made just for you

Amber Harper

Getting what I need everything

Lisa Norton
Not bad

I like the whole set up of the vitamin plan. I don't like how.large some of the vitamines are. They are very hard to swallow. But other then that pretty awsome setup

Tianna Stevens
This is nice

I really love the fact that it’s super easy to use. Just go to the site, select what benefits you are looking for and then vitamins that fit your lifestyle are shipped right to your front door. It’s just so convenient and I love it!

Each daily pack contains:

women's food-based multivitamin

Provides an optimal nutritional foundation in an organic food base.**

vitamin c

omega fats from fish oil

Supports cardiovascular health, nerve, and muscle function.

vitamin d3 2000

Supports bone building, calcium utilization, and muscle strength.

Loved By Our Customers

"Finally vitamins that really support my lifestyle. I can actually feel the difference!"


"I get everything I need in one easy, simple packet. No guessing, no wasted time or money."


"These packs have the most important ingredients at the right potency."


"I never knew what vitamins to take. But now it's really easy!"


"Finally, my energy is up, I feel good, what a difference! And, the daily packets make it so easy."